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A plastic monster is destroying our planet

Corporations have created a plastic monster that is destroying the planet. Over 90% of the plastics ever produced have not been recycled, yet corporations have plans to dramatically increase their production of plastic packaging. By 2050, it is predicted that there will be 12 billion tonnes of plast...

For a Plastic-Free Future

For a Plastic-Free Future

Greenpeace is calling on people around the world to create a “Million Acts of Blue” — actions to push retailers, corporations and businesses to reduce single-use plastic. It is going to take commitments both large and small to tackle the scale of the current plastic pollut...

Talk from journalist Charles C. Mann

By 2050, an estimated 10 billion people will live on earth. How are we going to provide everybody with basic needs while also avoiding the worst impacts of climate change? In a talk packed with wit and wisdom, science journalist Charles C. Mann breaks down the proposed solutions and finds that the answers fall into two camps -- wizards and prophets -- while offering his own take on the best path to survival.


Green website development and technologies

At 3wPlanet we believe that web technology and smart design is a key of moving business forward to a sustainable future
In a majority of businesses lots of day to day processes can be exported to the web, meanwhile reducing CO emission and gaining time an...

Design for the long term!

Why do 3wplanet we have do we have such good longevity results on websites? 

All our programming and design is custom build upon the characteristic of the projects. This allow us to build a site that responds specifically to your needs and getting ride off all unessential code and design. 
Minimal des...

GREEN Web Hosting

We own and manage our servers! Our clients benefit from this preferred environment. Our servers are never running out of memory. They have all resources ready for high traffic impact. Also you are not on your own when you host with us, technical staff is familiar with your setup to respond quickly o...

Euro-American bridge

We specialize in Euro-American collaboration

If your company is already or looking to locat in EUROPE, ASIA or world wide... we can help! We specialize in web and marketing strategies on "cross cultures". 

With offices and team members located on 3 continents USA/Europe/Asia we are connected to diff...